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Prophix Conference 2020 - Postponed

Given all the activity around the world surrounding the COVID-19 virus, it should not come as a complete surprise that we have decided to postpone the Prophix Conference. Our primary concern is that our customers, partners, and our employees feel safe & secure in these uncertain times.

We are taking this opportunity to reframe the conference and are currently looking into alternatives held at a later date that may result in a change in location and formats.

Stay tuned for exciting news on the future of the Prophix Conference!

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Agenda & Tracks

The Prophix Conference is your time to learn, collaborate, innovate, and think. Each of our conference tracks focuses on a unique set of topics, so you can customize your experience to suit your interests and challenges.


Strengthen your skillset, discover the latest functionality, and explore new product uses in our LEARN Track. Refresh your Prophix knowledge and bring actionable best practices back to the office.

Detailed Business Planning for Beginners Geared toward newer users or those wanting a refresher on Detailed Planning Manager (DPM). Learn the ins and outs of DPM and how to enable your users to take advantage of its core capabilities.
Introduction to Dynamic Reporting Once the foundation is built in Prophix, the focus is providing effective and efficient input and analysis of data. Using Template Studio, we will help report creators become more proficient in enabling their reporting and data entry users.
Pro-Tips for All Levels of Users Covering various Prophix apps, learn about some of the features introduced and enhance your day to day use and experience.
Visualizing Better Dashboards A picture is worth 1,000 words, and so are Dashboards! Through Dashboards and Visual Analytics, you can spend more time on analysis and actions instead of digging through data.
Optimize Your Performance: Pitfalls & Best Practices Time to kick the tires and do a once over. In this session, learn how to diagnose performance problems, identify common modeling pitfalls and discover best practices for optimizing your models.
Work Smarter with Automation: Taking Prophix to the Next Level Increase collaboration while decreasing the often-associated administration. Learn how to run business processes more efficiently, getting data into users' hands before they even ask for it.
Advanced Modeling to Better Manage Your Business Having to build additional cubes might seem daunting but, in this session, you will learn why multiple cubes are often necessary, and best practices our very own Consultants use to design, build and maintain cube.
Data Analytics for Better Insights Don't work to get data, make your data work for you! In this session learn how you can enhance productivity using effective modelling techniques to discover new insights.
Unify Your Business with Consolidation & Close Attendees will learn the various methods available to complete common month or year-end consolidations.
What to Expect When Expecting to Migrate to the Cloud Learn about the benefits of migrating to the cloud and get step-by-step detail on what is involved.
Introduction to Automation: Increase Accuracy with Workflows As a newer user, this session teaches you the ins and outs of Process Manager.
Beyond Financial Reports: Unique Use Cases of Prophix There are many ways to leverage the power of Prophix. Hear from Customers on how they are using Prophix beyond the obvious.
Repair & Resolve: Answering Your Common Questions Hear the common questions Prophix Consultants and Technical Support staff receive, how to troubleshoot and resolve.
Winning with Web Client Keep up with all the latest features, learn what is involved in upgrading to full web and key difference between smart and web client.


If you’re a hands-on learner, our small group discussions in the COLLABORATE Track will give you a chance to hear directly from other users, network with peers and apply new concepts to your unique business challenges.

Getting Buy-In from Your Internal Community Collaborate with other Prophix users to learn about end user training/adoption challenges, share ideas to overcome these and learn best practices from Prophix consultants.
Hit the Ground Running: Getting Ready for Implementation Going through a Prophix Implementation can be overwhelming if you're not adequately prepared. Come join the Prophix experts and understand what you need to do in advance to get the most out of your project and discovery sessions.
Think Differently About Budgeting Are your existing budgeting processes cumbersome and complex to follow? If so, join us to learn what you can do in Prophix to re-vamp your internal processes. Learn how to get ready for your budget cycle well in advance, what tools you can leverage within Prophix and how to think outside the box when it comes to budgeting.
See the Entire Story: Dashboards & Analytics Connect with other Prophix users and get insight into analyzing your data beyond templates.
Behind the Scenes: Building Better Models Ever wondered how the Prophix team comes up with these cool and amazing solutions? If so, come join us to understand what items we look for in designing business models in Prophix.


Give your feedback and test out new and upcoming product features in our INNOVATE Track. Get insight into our ongoing investment into research and development while learning from other experienced Prophix users.

Finding the Needle in the Data Haystack with Anomaly Detection Anomaly Detection will speed your financial close and re-invent your financial risk analysis by leveraging Machine Learning technology. Hear first-hand from one of our Prophix AD customers about how this capability helped them to reduce the time required to complete their account reconciliations and provide full review coverage and risk scoring of the all the transactions in their business.
What’s Next for Dashboards Discover the next phase of features, enhancements, and user interactions for Dashboards. Give us your thoughts and feedback to influence the future of Corporate Performance Management (CPM).
Talk to Prophix With Natural Language Inquiry Natural Language Inquiry will change the way that you interact with Prophix, humanizing the experience and delivering intelligent answers to your business performance questions. Explore this new user experience paradigm with us through an interactive discovery session where we dive deeper into some of the specific NL Inquiries we are building into Prophix for the future.
‘Excel’ with Microsoft Office 365 and Prophix Prophix is designed to work seamlessly with the business applications you work with every day. Explore the various capabilities that allow you to work seamlessly with Prophix data in O365 Excel from completing budgets to formatted reporting to linking in complex financial model spreadsheets into your Prophix models.
Release Rundown: What’s New in Prophix The Prophix Product team will update you on all the new features and enhancements we’ve added to Prophix since the last conference. We’ll also provide a sneak peek into upcoming unreleased functionality.
Forecasting Future Trends with Machine Learning Machine Learning Forecasting identifies patterns in your data to forecast future trends specific to your business. Learn more from the Prophix Data Science team about how Machine Learning (ML) is helping the Corporate Performance Management (CPM) space and see how customers are using ML to augment their forecast process.


Step away from your day-to-day and focus on the big picture with our THINK Track. You’ll leave with an understanding of how the industry’s leading trends apply to your business and maybe spark some new ideas.

Please come back to see the great THINK sessions planned for you


Prophix Academy training programs address the full life cycle of Prophix CPM solutions from design and development to implementation, and use. During PxC2020, Academy is thrilled to be offering a wide variety interactive “hands-on” courses to conference attendees. All Academy training is geared to help administrators, end-users, and technical users alike understand how to raise their Prophix game. Increased productivity, improved depth of analyses and the ability use our technology creatively to tackle difficult business challenges is the end result.

From Start to Finish: AUTOMATING YOUR BUDGETS (8 CPE credits) Create a budget process that includes Workflow and process management, saving you time and effort. From kicking off your project to final approval, you will learn to create standard templates with security settings for data entry, as well as manipulate data with InfoFlex.
Winning with Web Client (8 CPE credits) Work with Model Manager, Process Manager, and Workflow Manager in the Web Client. Take a walk through a "day in the life" of a Prophix Administrator who has already upgraded to the Web Client's enhanced user interface.
Advanced Reporting (8 CPE credits) A valuable report must do two things - be designed well and meet your needs. Learn how to optimize your Prophix reports using a range of different tools and techniques, including templates, charts, binders, and Dashboards.

More details coming soon.
Check back for updates.



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