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TrackDescriptionNo. SessionsNo. AttendeesExamples

The Application track will take an
educational approach to product usage
and functionality. You’ll have an opportunity
to strengthen and expand your skill set,
giving you actionable best practices to
implement at your organization.

Up to 24 workshops
100 min.
Up to 90 attendeesTips & Tricks,
Reporting, Forecasting
Workshop Style:
Collaborative Learning

Our Collaborative Learning track will
combine the benefits of networking and
hands-on learning to give you a unique
perspective on a variety of educational
topics. Each workshop will include a small
group discussion to apply the concepts
learned in session.

Up to 6 sessions
100 min.
Up to 48 attendeesDesign a new model,
Host an end user training
Executive Thought Leadership

Our Executive Thought Leadership track,
designed with C-level executives in mind,
will focus on trending Thought Leadership
topics including the Corporate Performance
Management space, the evolution of the
Office of Finance, and finance technology.

Up to 6 sessions (repeated)
50 min.
Up to 50 attendeesFuture of Finance, Best
Practices in Planning
Product and Innovation

The Product and Innovation track will give
experienced Prophix users a chance to
provide product feedback and to test new
and upcoming features. These sessions will
also provide insight into the direction of our
Research & Development team.

Up to 8 sessions (repeated)
50 min.
Up to 30 attendeesMachine learning, New
features in summer/fall

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