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Prophix Conference 2020 - Postponed

Given all the activity around the world surrounding the COVID-19 virus, it should not come as a complete surprise that we have decided to postpone the Prophix Conference. Our primary concern is that our customers, partners, and our employees feel safe & secure in these uncertain times.

We are taking this opportunity to reframe the conference and are currently looking into alternatives held at a later date that may result in a change in location and formats.

Stay tuned for exciting news on the future of the Prophix Conference!

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Join us for the Prophix Conference in Miami

Opportunity is rife at the Prophix Conference. After all, 80% of professionals value networking and 700 of the brightest in your field will be joining. And the fact that we’ll be in Miami also isn’t lost on us – so there will be a good balance of business and fun. From an oceanside reception and Cabana breaks to breakfasts and lunches, there will be numerous chances to meet, engage and share ideas with peers and thought-leaders.

Thought Leadership. Networking. Innovation.

Those are just a few of the reasons to attend PxC20. Yes, it’s called the Prophix Conference, but we won’t just be talking about ourselves. The Prophix Conference will be a thought-provoking look at the industry as a whole – the trends, the challenges, and the leading-edge innovation that’s changing the way we work.


We know networking matters

Relationships matter to you and to your business. At PxC20, you’ll have lots of opportunities to network with other customers, Prophix team members, and thought leaders. Network by industry, ERP, or product functionality during one of our mealtime roundtables.

We know training matters

Throughout PxC20, we’ll be offering a variety of hands-on training courses. The Prophix Academy team will offer courses across our CPM solution, from design and development to implementation and use. They’re geared to help administrators, technical- and end-users raise their game by increasing productivity, improving depth of analyses, and using our technology creatively to tackle business challenges.

We know speakers matter

Sure, talking about things like Cloud, AI and Machine Learning are popular these days. But we know there’s more to finance. It’s all about who delivers the content, and who the experts and thought leaders are. We’re planning a roster of carefully selected industry specialists who’ll address various business opportunities and challenges. Stay tuned for our exciting keynote announcement.

New ways to sponsor

Over 700 industry professionals will be on hand for the Prophix Conference. That’s 700 opportunities to reach your target audience, to network, and to generate awareness for your brand. This year, we’re excited to offer a variety of new sponsorship avenues – different ways to reach the industry with impact.

Thank you, Nashville! We had a blast.

The Prophix Conference in 2019 was held in beautiful Music City, USA aka Nashville. Take a look at some of the highlights from the event and imagine joining the fun in Miami in 2020.


Make it matter
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